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What Does Game-Based Learning Mean for Many Adult Learners?

A Life of Play, A Personal Introduction to Games Based Learning

Spring semester, the juggling act of teaching part time, working part time, and taking graduate courses at it’s finest. Which sometimes manifests itself in a game-like fashion! I’m an adjunct instructor at Front Range Community College, and I also work as a freelance designer, and I’m a graduate student at University of Colorado Denver studying Information and Learning Technologies. I’ve taught CAD and Interior Design courses since late 2012. Some of the classes I’ve taught focus on asset creation for video game-like scenarios. I’ve never used games in the classroom (in the way I would really like to use them) because it would break the requirements of the course provided by the state guidelines (CCNS). But my CAD students are incredibly interested in games. I often wonder if my students would learn more if they were tasked to create assets for a game of their own through one of the free to use engines such as Unity 3D? Instead of course instruction focused strictly on a single unit …