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Amazing student work! Sam and the Firefly by Matt Garand.

I had the great privilege to have Matt Garand as a student Spring Semester in 3Ds Max Advanced class. Matt was a great help to staff and students in the CAD department at FRCC in and out of the classroom. His awesome work can be seen in this video. Enjoy!

Mapping Textures to Complex Surfaces in Sketchup

Ever wanted to know how you can make textures and patterns look "right" on complex surfaces in Sketchup? This little document I made shows you how. Enjoy! See the full doc here:

Intro to Photoshop For Interior Design

These are a few images from a doc I made for intro to interior design demonstrations in Photoshop. Using Photoshop to improve scanned images makes sketches more finished and professional looking whilst taking some of the stress out of hand techniques. Read the full document here: