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My work at "the studio" Anythink Library

Summer is upon us! As I begin this summer with an intensive graduate course " Digital Storytelling ," I'm starting to think about a focal theme for my posts: "The Importance of the Creative Arts in Education." In the summer of 2013 I played a part in adding to my local community to support the youth in the pursuit of visual arts, mainly drawing, at my local  Anythink Library  as an " Artist in Residence ." This in light of sometimes lack of funding, availability, or simple appreciation of visual art courses in the public school systems. Over the course of my career I hope I can find more ways to contribute to the creative voice for education. I can't wait to see what will be created at " the studio " this summer! See some of my drawings from summer at Anythink. Most drawings were done as request from youth who wanted to see me draw something they were interested in, or to show them how to draw by looking at books. One can lea
Now introducing the official Designing to Learn website!  I started this website as part of the ILT MA program at the University of Colorado Denver. I will be posting on both the website and this blog assignments and interests in instructional design. You can read all about the program here: MA, Information and Learning Technologies with emphasis in Instructional Design and Adult Learning