Sunday, July 19, 2015

'Pulling' Things Together: Week 6 Reflective Practice

Week 6 Collage


As part of the educational discourse in digital storytelling each week, I will conduct a reflective practice self assessment. These ‘reflections’ will serve as both formative and summative assessment to the learning goals of the course INTE 5340.

See learning goals in the INTE 5340 syllabus. See DS106 syllabus.

Requirements and Production

The Daily Create (x2)
Fish Out of Water - Boundaries Exercise tdc1276

Look at all the people - hyperbolic tiling tdc1285

DS106 Assignment Bank (Web Assignment)
What Is Your Passion Archetype Character Buzzfeed Quiz

Response to Lankshear & Knobel “New Literacies” chapter one and selected scholarship

Comment peer critiques (x2)
Critique: Machinima- The Druid: Tree of Life - (A WoW Machinima by Nixxiom)

Mash-Up Lecture Series

Comment peer chapter responses (x2)
Chapter 7. Pedagogical Implications
New Literacies Review (Ch. 7) – An Need for a Changing Education System

Reflective summary
'Pulling' Things Together: Week 6 Reflective Practice

What was challenging?

Creating the buzzfeed quiz was the most challenging part of the week. I developed this assignment over the course of the week. I researched multiple intelligence theory and practiced several multiple intelligence assessment tests in order to craft it. I completed several versions of the quiz and opened it up to friends and family before I published it to work out some of the kinks. Ironing out the questions, the images used, and results was the most time consuming and challenging. I would have liked more time to test the quiz before I made it available but it’s hard to do everything I would like to do in the short amount of time available for these weekly assignments.

What was most enjoyable?

Overall I must say many people that took the Buzzfeed quiz after I posted on Facebook and Twitter commented saying the result seemed right for them. Seeing people comment or discuss their results from the Buzzfeed quiz was the most enjoyable part of the week. And some also mentioned they took the other self-assessment multiple intelligence test to see how they scored there as well. The idea of exposing people to this knowledge through a fun and humorous test designed for social media is inspiring.

What was learned about the focal theme and what issues / questions have emerged?

Chapter seven in the L&K text clarified what I was suggesting from week one - ‘mastery’ is a part of diving in to these ‘new literacies.’ It takes countless hours to develop true skill in various areas of interest fueled by passion. Finding these passions at an early age through diverse learning practices and exploring creative arts is essential to provide a backbone in understanding many of the ‘new literacy’ practices and online social learning.

Points earned 10/10?

I pushed myself again to deliver a quality ds106 assignment. I also participated in social media discussions throughout the week regarding area of focus and course topics. I really felt like my response to the L&K text felt natural and effortless because it answered many of the questions I was begging to know the answer to since week one. I give myself 10/10 points this week.

New Literacies: Everyday Practices and Social Learning Third Ed by Colin Lankshear and Michele Knobel. McGraw-Hill Education 2011.