Sunday, July 12, 2015

Elephant Element Drawing tdc1278

Elephant Element Drawing
"From The Sketchnote Workbook. We can draw everything with these 5 basic elements. Shall we try it? Find a complex subject for your composition and draw it using only circles, squares, triangles and dots!" -tdc1278

I am not sure it is the intent of Mike Rhode for us to create a drawing of a "complex subject" in this fashion. In my brief introduction to his work it appears the intent is to show how one can draw 'symbolically' for rapid communication and thought processes. However the tdc asked for a complex subject and to draw it with basic shapes. A remixed assignment in it's own right? So here we have it, "Elephant Element Drawing."

 I first drew a rough sketch of the forms using simple shapes (you can see the under drawing I kept highly visible). Perhaps like the forms are described similarly to a low-polygon 3D model. On top of that rough sketch I added texture and shade to the forms by use of circles and triangles only. This type of technique works really well for something so textural like an elephant. I had some brushes that I made in Photoshop some time ago that I know would work for this. I used a Wacom tablet to create this drawing after a photograph of an elephant I took many years ago.

Elephant Element Drawing (up-close)