Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Fish Out of Water - Boundaries Exercise tdc1276

Ds106 tdc1276

1. Find two spaces that share a boundary
2. Do something to highlight or alter the relationship between those two spaces.

I chose to highlight the boundaries of fish and terrestrial beings. What would it be like to be a fish in a fish bowl? What would it be like for the fish to be walking on the ground or swimming through the air?

The visible, physical boundaries explored were created by the meniscus of the water and the edge of the ‘fish bowl,’ and the computer screen and the rest of the live world. This was created by filming a youtube video: Fish relaxation scene - real life fish swimming to their delight by PlayerResidentCraft through a wine glass half filled with water. I used Adobe Premier to cut the video and add some text and sounds. I had to learn how to use AP by looking at some tutorials. I browsed freesound.org and found two tracks to use under creative commons for this project: ryanconway Underwater / Breathing and Robinhood76 WATER related sounds » 01643 underwater bubbles.wav

Boundaries - Zarouhie Abdalian | The Art Assignment | PBS Digital Studios

What a great example of how to utilize 'art thinking' to solve problems. This is explored and demonstrated in the video and it was a fun exercise to practice as part of the ds106 daily creates.What kinds of boundaries exist in our everyday lives? Can you create something to highlight this to bring about discussion or change? Or perhaps make someone think in a new way?