Monday, June 8, 2015

"Digital Graffiti" - The Daily Create tdc1247

Today was an exciting day! Today I took my first steps into the world of DS106 with my digital storytelling class at UC Denver. I have been familiarizing myself with DS106 and Twitter over the past couple of weeks, and it is truly amazing, but I did not watch Jim Bloom's "Ed Parkour" lecture until today. Through this lecture I really learned what DS106 is about. It's about everything and anything interesting and creative. Free and open, sometimes with complete disregard for purpose, intent, or rules. Thus parkour... Some see pre-determined pedestrian pathways of concrete and metal, others see the greatest obstacle course ever made. Some see the web as a giant money-making corporate machine, other's see the greatest educational opportunity in the history of humankind. I can't wait to learn from my fellow classmates as well as the larger group of DS106 contributors around the world!
To start things off, I dove right in and created something for the daily create. The limiting factor of the assignment was to use only one type of shape to create something. I chose circles and whilst exploring the circle concept I came up with this "digitized" circle image. Somewhat inspired by the concept of parkour - I put a graffiti spin on the assignment. Like parkour, graffiti art is another form of creative expression often times most successfully produced in urban sprawl. I call it “DS106 Digital Graffiti.”
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