Saturday, June 27, 2015

A Curious Critique On A Story About A Story, About Another Story

Assessment criteria: As part of authoring critiques of digital storytelling in INTE 5340 three criterions are selected from Jason Ohler’s assessment traits.

Media Application (Score 1-10: 10 Points)

Media supports the story. Media use is effective and does not overpower writing or story core.

This digital story was interesting because it mainly features a wonderful animation, but it synthesises a presentation by the author of the book “Curious” by Ian Leslie with the story about how this animation came to be. Essentially it is like 3 stories in one - the author Maria Popova, wrote the story about the story on the story. This makes it a rich story to critique and it has lots of depth with the media application because of the quality of writing in conjunction with the video and the story about the book that inspired the video.

Media Development Process (Score 1-10: 10 Points)

Use of media was well thought out. The planning was well executed to deliver the story.

What’s really amazing is that the animator was very deliberate and careful in craft so much that only one scene was shot a day for the lighting to be consistent due to natural light being part of the scene. There is a wonderful sense of craftsmanship in the variety of the scenes. Additionally, the scenes are relatable because the artist utilized everyday things to create the animation. I’m sure the artist created some sort of story boards and practiced constructing creative elements out of everyday found objects. The author of the story mentioned some of this ‘behind the scenes stuff’ to help the audience appreciate the development process.

Craftsmanship (Score 1-10: 10 Points)

The story was crafted well given the use of mediums and sensibilities to neatness.

The author did a great job by telling the story of the book and how that influenced the animation. The use of links and quotes and placement of pictures helped break up the text in key areas to focus the audience throughout the story. The pictures and embedded media was appropriately placed throughout. The craftsmanship of the animation featured was also very well done to help illustrate the story.

Total Score 30/30

Other characteristics this assessment fails to capture:

This assessment fails to mention the monetary and permission concerns one might have given the author provided a great deal of direct quotes and is asking for donations at the end of the story that features other people’s work. I would be interested to know the process behind this story in order to get permission to create and publish this.

How could this digital story be improved?

Maybe too much direct quote towards the end of the story? I would like to see some other more original ways to interest the audience towards the end of the story.