Thursday, June 18, 2015

Critiquing A Reflection On Learning

How A Slight Change In Mindset Accelerated My Learning Forever:
A personal sports story and a practical life tip. 

How A Slight Change In Mindset Accelerated My Learning Forever

Assessment criteria: As part of authoring critiques of digital storytelling in INTE 5340 three criterions are selected from Jason Ohler’s assessment traits.

Media Application (Score 1-10: 9 Points)

Media supports the story. Media use is effective and does not overpower writing or story core.

The pictures of kitesurfing were well placed. The map of The Red Sea was needed to remind the audience of the remoteness of area where the story takes place. The thumbnail sketches demonstrate how the actions were performed and were very needed to illustrate the story. I only wish that there was a video embedded at the end of the story to demonstrate learning kitesurfing. However would that take away from the story? Would the audience skip all of the writing and illustrations and go straight for the video?

Story Flow (Score 1-10: 10 Points)

Information was presented concisely and in organized fashion. No detours or tangents.

Because the author was describing, in some detail, physical acts in sequence, it was very important that the understanding of the story be apparent in the flow. At first glance, I usually shy away from stories that include step by step instruction (unless I’m reading a tutorial) but this story was captivating because of the overall meaning and flow.

Reflection (Score 1-10: 10 Points)

The story offers unique perspectives based on reflection of events that happened in the story. The audience is inspired to reflect on their own practices.

This story was very inspiring to me. As I learn about new technologies and ‘new literacies,’ it is very easy to fall into a ‘timid’ mindset. Where the author exhibited confidence and commitment, his performance and enjoyment in learning was most abundant. This mindset may be applied to learning almost anything.

Total Score 29/30

Other characteristics this assessment fails to capture.

This assessment fails to mention the story did not show any real evidence of the beginners truly not trying hard enough to be successful, or not fully committing to the act at hand. The story also fails to show with sound evidence that ‘trying hard’ on the first attempt while learning something new leads to better outcomes. There is something to be said about experimentation especially when learning something new. It’s possible experimentation, instead of ‘trying hard,’ can come off as being timid or shy.

How could this digital story be improved?

The author describes how he applies his approach to learning something new. He mentions how a majority of people demonstrate lack of commitment or ‘half-assing it.’ Or the beginners feel shy so they don’t demonstrate confidence. I think this could be substantiated a little more. Perhaps some people are, in general, shy or introverted and their outward expression of an activity may always come off as shy? Maybe next time the author teaches something new he can use surveys to capture the true personality, mindset, and character of the people being observed?