Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Rain Chimes

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The soundscape audio assignment really appealed to me. I sometimes listen to ‘voiceless’ music during the work day when I need to focus hard and not be distracted behind the meaning of words in songs. It also relaxes me and helps me enter a more meditative state. I figured, why not make my own soundscape? With all of the rain in Denver, Colorado, I decided to focus on water sounds. I typically enjoy the sound of a good rain shower. Since the requirements for the assignment were to use ‘found sounds,’ I like the idea of recording some of my own sounds. I used an iphone 5c to record most of the sounds since I don’t have any other more sophisticated recording device. I also used freesound to gather some chimes, and dings. However all water sounds I recorded.

I thought this would also be a great assignment for libraries such as Anythink, which has a studio for people to record their own sounds and mix it together. Or maybe another spin on the assignment could be a ‘sound scavenger hunt’? Sounds could be described with words and then sounds could be found to meet the requirements then mixed together. The assignment is accessible and can be appreciated for the potential for learning.

The learning that happens, and this is a great assignment to introduce students to sound, is learning about sound waves, how audio is digitized, different types of digital audio files and which ones are appropriate. Also, how to alter recorded sounds and then, ultimately, mix it all together in a multitrack session. I found extreme value in this assignment for myself, as well as demonstrating another assignment that supports the idea of value in arts education to create ‘literacies’ in technology. I have never purposefully recorded audio and mixed it together. I have never taken a music or recording class. I really don’t know much about sound editing or recording equipment. This assignment forced me to learn many new things.
Although I could have learned how to use some freeware software to mix and alter tracks, I chose to use Adobe Audition CC. I already use my Creative Cloud account for visual software so this was an easy download as part of my CC subscription. Opening up Audition for the first time was really overwhelming because of the robust menus, however watching a few video tutorials really helped me understand the basics, and enough to complete the assignment with success. I must say however, it did take considerable time to complete the assignment from beginning to end with the amount of learning and the many tasks I created for myself by tinkering with the sounds.

Listen to some of my recorded and found sounds. Can you identify when and how they are used in the mixed final track?

Found sounds on the web:

Chiming Out

Wine Glass Tinkles

Personally recorded sounds with iphone 5c:


Rain Pipe

Water Shake

DS106, CUDenver15DS106 Sound Scapes, AudioAssignments, AudioAssignments970