Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Design Sketching With Traditional Mediums

Finished Sketch
Yes I still use markers on occasion! Every so often I really get the urge to remove myself from the computer and draw with traditional mediums. For some drawing with markers and pencils as traditional design mediums comes naturally. For others CAD is their main means of communicating design. Whatever the case, drawing with hand techniques is still relevant and useful especially when communicating quick sketches and ideas. Sometimes on the fly, and sometimes with the client present. You would be amazed at how much progress you can make with your client if you would take the time to sit and draw with them as a co-designer of the space you are trying to create.

This example shown is from a demo I gave to my interior rendering class. It is from one of the books we refer to called Color Drawing: Design Drawing Skills and Techniques for Architects, Landscape Architects, and Interior Designers 3rd Edition by Michael E. Doyle
Ink Drawing
I also included the scan of the ink drawing. I often use print outs of my scans as rendering practice to check color combinations. Show us how you render with hand techniques. Visit Designing To Learn G+ community and share your work!

The drawing shown in this post was created with the following process:
  1. Light pencil sketch, darken after checked for accuracy, focus on contours.
  2. Overlay pencil sketch with vellum and create a thin line drawing in pen.
  3. Use markers to define value and color hue. Start with light and work to dark.
  4. Apply colored pencil to add additional highlights and shade where needed.
*Remember to apply marker first. Colored pencil wax can act as a resist to marker inks!